Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day and New Teeth

We had a good Memorial Day yesterday. We did the usual and went to my parent's house for a picnic. We really wanted to take the little ones swimming, but the water was too cold. It certainly didn't stop the two older ones, though! Treston had physical therapy this morning and we broke the news to our favorite therapist, Beth. She said she was going to do some research on the specific types of muscular dystrophy that he has the possibility of having. She said right now the only thing she would change about his treatment is that they won't work him too hard after he starts to get tired out. She said that with muscular dystrophy, the muscles get tired much easier so it's important not to over work them. We have been really blessed with the physical therapists he has. They are very thorough and very caring. I forgot to mention that Treston got his first tooth in on Friday! He got his second one yesterday. I can't wait until he starts doing those toothy smiles that babies do when they only have those two bottom teeth! I am just having more and more fun with my little guy every day. Every day now I look at him and just wish he could just stay just as he is right now, forever. He loves it when I play with him on our bed. We just play and he laughs and gets so excited! Then when he gets tired he just snuggles right into me. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world. His having muscular dystrophy is always in my mind though. I try so hard to forget it and just have fun with him, but even while I'm really enjoying him, the thoughts are always there. No matter what I'm doing, things just seem so surreal right now. I hope this gets easier.

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