Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cardiologist Appointment

Today we took Treston to see a cardiologist at CHOP. He had an echo done, which was supposed to take 45 minutes, but took over an hour and a half due to having to take some breaks for feeding him and calming him. Then they did an ekg on his heart. I never knew they had to hook up so many things for that! He has been so good for all these appointments. They have all lasted at least 4 hours so far and he has been just the happiest baby through it all. After having been there over 3 hours today, they doctor walked in and he was just all smiles for her. At one end it breaks my heart because he has no idea what is going on. On the other end, he amazes me. I know the Bible talks about child like faith, but, not being a child anymore, it's hard sometimes to imagine having that. Treston looks up at me, he looks up at his daddy, his sisters, his grandparents, his doctors, and he is just content. And when he is upset or needs comforting or feeding, he looks to me and expects me to give him what he needs. It seems so simple, this child like faith. And yet, recently, because of everything that is going on, I feel like I am just talking to God like he really is my father. Just like Treston is looking to me, expecting me to fix what is bothering him, I know now I need to just look to my heavenly father, and learn to pray expectantly. Not only that He will heal Treston, but that he WILL bring us through this. He will.
Well, the cardiologist said Treston's heart is good! Praise God! We go back in a year unless he starts getting weakness in his muscles before then.
Tomorrow is another day at CHOP. My little girl Gracie is having an endoscopy and sygmoidoscopy done. They will be taking biopsies along the way. We are hoping for an answer to her problem as well. But, God is good. We will praise Him and thank Him no matter what. The message at church on Sunday I really am convinced was directed toward me. I just can't get out of my head "love God for what He is, not what He does." He has a purpose. None of this is for nothing.


  1. So happy to hear! Poor little guy. Aiden went through batteries of tests when he was little too, its so hard to watch them go through that.
    It's amazing to hear how God is speaking to you through this as well. Thanks for sharing your story!!!! Prayers for Gracie.

  2. Continuing to think of you as you walk this road.

    "Bless the Lord, oh my soul. Oh my soul!"

    thanks for your willing to share all of this.