Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is this the same kid?

So, I was in the middle of making a blog for our business when I thought I would update everyone since it's been awhile. Treston is doing absolutely awesome!!! That boy is running around and doing everything a "normal" 21 month old boy should be doing! He even went on the potty this morning :-)
Right before our newest baby, Tyana was born in May, Treston's physical therapists thought it was ok to take a break from PT. Well, she is 3 1/2 months old now and he hasn't needed to go back! They were thinking about a 6 week break, but our God is bigger than that! He still gets speech therapy twice a week, but I have faith that that is nearing it's end as well since he's doing so well speaking also!
He has had his regular follow ups with his neurologist and cardiologist and they are just so impressed with his progress! He had an appointment with an ENT last week and he didn't really want to do the hearing screening. The stuffed animals lighting up in the boxes in the sound room really freaked him out! He kept trying to get down off my lap and saying, "done, done!" Poor guy, those things kind of remind me of the monkey with cymbals in that one horror movie, what's it called again? Well, the ENT said since he doesn't see enough movement in his eardrum he recommends getting tubes put in. I told him I wasn't going to put him under anesthesia and put him through surgery right now since he isn't getting ear infections at all and his speech is coming along great! He said that's fine for now and wants to see him back in 6 months.
I titled this entry "Is this the same kid?" because when he first started seeing therapists, they told me they didn't even know whether he would ever sit up or crawl. My boy is running around like any boy his age. He was climbing up a metal fence the other day all the way to the top! He grew out of his ankle braces and although he still needs them, they are shorter ones now. He goes to storytime at the library and the woman who does the storytime told Jon yesterday that he just looks so much better than he did a while ago. Who knew she was even watching him?! Our God is an AMAZING GOD! He gives mercy all day everyday. I hope and pray that no matter what happens that Treston learns that much. I pray he learns that no matter what happens to him that God is merciful and gracious and he DOES supply ALL our needs. God is the only one who knows what is best for us. If we try to give our children what is best for them, how much more does our Father in Heaven give us what's best for us?

Friday, January 4, 2013


So, I haven't updated in quite a while! In Treston's case, no news is good news, praise the Lord!!! He has been doing awesome! At the request of his physical therapists, he got his SureSteps braces and has been using them for a few months now because his ankles turn in pretty badly. His therapy that he was having twice a week went down to once a week because of how well he's doing! He is still getting early intervention therapy twice a month. They have recommended an early educator come out to assess his speech, so she came out to evaluate him and wanted to see him back, but she had to cancel due to sickness and hasn't called back yet to reschedule. We are also getting a speech evaluation done at Theraplay which is where he goes for his physical therapy. He has been saying dada, but very little of mama or anything else so they just want to see if there is anything that can be done to help him at this point. He has also seen an audiologist for his hearing to make sure that isn't the issue. She thought maybe there was fluid in his ears and wanted the pediatrician to look at them. He went to the pediatician yesterday and she said his left ear is infected, but that wasn't the ear the audiologist was concerned about. Well, he had a few days earlier in the week where he had a low-grade fever, so maybe that's what it was from. I gave him some mullein garlic drops, but he seems perfectly fine anyway. We go to the ENT on Monday at Chop so we'll see what they say. I don't really think he has a hearing issue, but I guess when kids don't speak or make the sounds they should by certain ages, they need to rule out hearing problems. He has been doing awesome in his physical therapy! He even took a few steps a couple different times now! He still likes to cruise and walk holding someone's hand, but I think it's more him being unsure than unable!! We got him a small basketball net for Christmas and he absolutely loves picking up the ball and having someone pick him up so he can put it in the basket! It is the cutest thing! He is already so different than the girls! He loves to climb and loooooves to eat...everything, haha! He just goes from eating one thing to another all day it seems and he's still so little! (Wish I could do that!) He is going back to Chop on Thursday for a regular check-up. Please pray that everything goes well. I think his genetic counselor said they wanted to do another ultrasound on his muscles, but I'm not positive on that. Thank you to all of you that have been praying for him and for us. God has been faithful and is continuing to do a good work in us. Here are some pictures we took from his birthday and Christmas. I just melt when he looks at me with those big blue eyes!!!